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We’re conducting a discussion with a gynecologist about intimate hygiene.

Baby soap is an excellent tool for intimate hygiene. The main thing is not to get carried away and do everything without fanaticism. What mistakes women face in this matter, how to properly conduct the intimate soul procedure and why tampons and daily gaskets are not always evil? The gynecologist-reproductologist of the clinic Eva Inessa Smirnova answers these and other questions. 

For intimate hygiene, special means and ordinary baby soap are suitable

There are now many marketing moves about new products that are specifically designed for intimate hygiene. As a obstetrician-gynecologist, I explain to patients that the vagina already contains a acidic environment. In most hygiene products ( including soap ), on the contrary, an alkaline environment. Therefore, for an intimate soul, it is desirable to use pH-neutral hygiene products. They have both acidity and alkalinity in balance. Of all the means, the most optimal, oddly enough, baby soap.

In addition, as the doctor says, you can use all the means on which is written for intimate hygiene . The main thing is not to overdo it.

I noticed that our girls, if they follow themselves, then try to bring this to fanaticism. Many conduct hygiene activities in an extremely thorough manner. As a result of douching and applying hygiene products to the mucous, the entire vaginal microflora is washed. It is undesirable to use detergents on the mucous membrane if they are not intended for its processing and are not appointed by the doctor. Soap, by the way, also does not apply to these substances. 

The doctor explains that washing and processing should take place outside the area of the large labia and the area between the large and small labia. This means that no means should be included in the vagina.

Incorrect washing can lead to dysbacteriosis

Regardless of the age, women often make the same mistake when washing. Not everyone knows that the souls of the genitals should be carried out by running water in front and back, and not vice versa. 

Otherwise, according to the gynecologist, the intestinal stick, which is considered a normal environment for the rectum and intestines, can fall into the vagina. Here it will no longer be normal. Moreover, neither for the vulva, nor for the vagina. 

As soon as the E. coli hits the vaginal mucosa, irritation and manifestation of dysbacteriosis begin. Especially often this happens if you use paper napkins or toilet paper rather than water. 

Women’s sexual system works for self-cleaning

The doctor is sure that nature thought a lot for us. So, the female sexual system works for self-cleaning. The menstrual cycle ends, then menstruation begins. The girl’s body, as the doctor says, gets rid of endometrium and everything that has accumulated in the vagina. 

The vagina is generally quite unusual, many glands come out here. From the cervix and cervical canal. Plus the muscle tube itself has glands. In a healthy woman, nothing accumulates inside, but comes out.

The doctor warns you need to conduct external hygiene, but to the best. Otherwise, bacteria and microorganisms living in the vagina will begin to conflict with each other. Because of this, pathogenic microorganisms can develop that will lead to inflammatory processes or to a disease such as dysbacteriosis.

Deviation from the norm, as a rule, is manifested by itching, burning, symptoms of discomfort, an unpleasant odor. A woman feels uncomfortable.

That is why, according to the doctor, sexual hygiene is important. If you can use bidet rather than toilet paper, then it is better to prefer the first.

You can take the usual, main thing dry towel

Moreover, the doctor recommends wiping himself with a regular towel, but dry. It is advisable to use it only for delicate areas.

If you take a wet towel, this can contribute to the development and reproduction of microflora on a towel. Mushroom microorganisms also love the wet environment. Further, from the towel they can switch to the vaginal mucosa.

As for linen, the doctor is sure that the thongs popular today do not harm the body in themselves.

Such underwear should not be daily, it is intended for a particular occasion. Maximum 3 or 4 hours a day. 

It’s not very cool, as the gynecologist explains, to wear a mix thongs and tight jeans. This is a greenhouse that can provoke the development of diseases. 

However, if the linen does not dig into the skin and intimate organs of the girl, everything will be fine with her.

Tampons and daily gaskets not always evil

Pre-use also requires daily gaskets and tampons. The doctor says that some young women use daily gaskets constantly. It is not right.

I always explain to girls that women do not have dry panties. Allocations are always there, especially during ovulation. At this time, mucus in the cervical channel is liquefied, grease is released, glands are actively working. Everything is aimed at making a woman pregnant. The girls of this moment are afraid, they put the laundry on their underwear faster so that everything is dry, clean and neat.

The doctor explains how soon airtightness is violated, greenhouse is immediately created in an intimate place. Microorganisms can begin to multiply, although under normal conditions they would not have shown themselves in any way. At elevated temperatures and lack of oxygen, they become pathogenic.

Therefore, I recommend using daily gaskets only in certain cases. For example, in the presence of low-lying emissions, during the first or last days of menstruation, during the use of medicines. We should not forget that gaskets must be regularly changed, and not used alone during the day.

Critical days of hygiene

The same goes for tampons. On each package it is written that you can use the maximum for 3 hours. Girls, according to the doctor, use them all night, all day or as they fill.  

You can’t walk with tampon as much as you like if it doesn’t deliver discomfort. It needs to be regularly changed.

The doctor says that women often do not adhere to gynecologists’ recommendations on behavior on critical days. Many sin by taking a hot bath. Because of this, the muscles of all organs and tissues relax. The vessels are relaxed and expanded, blood-strain discharge can increase and, accordingly, cause bleeding.

Intimate hygiene is easier than it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to observe in all measure.

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